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Stories of Recovery and Celebration

Few things are more important in a person’s life than successfully recovering from a serious illness, disease or injury. Through minimally invasive surgery pioneered and developed by Dr. Redan, patients experience much quicker recovery times in comparison to traditional surgery, as well as less scaring and post-surgery side effects.

Our world-renowned physician at Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons provides skilled and compassionate care to patients from all across Florida and around the country. To experience the care delivered by Dr. Redan and his dedicated support staff, please view the patient testimonials listed below. If you'd like to tell of your experiences with Advanced Laparascopic Surgeons, please share your story.

Jene's story

I had a large incisional hernia that developed after surgery to repair a lap band procedure. The lap band had not resulted in much weight loss in the first place, and...

Patient Testimonials

See what our patients are saying about us.

Julie's Story

I just wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have gone a full year PAIN-FREE and finally able to live again.