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Jene's story

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I had a large incisional hernia that developed after surgery to repair a lap band procedure. The lap band had not resulted in much weight loss in the first place, and I continued to gained weight after the repair surgery which was causing the hernia to become more and more uncomfortable. Dr. Redan looked at my whole case – not just my hernia -- and recommended that since I was considering gastric bypass, I should have that surgery first before hernia repair. After Dr. Keith Kim performed the gastric bypass, the resulting weight loss allowed Dr. Redan to repair my hernia with no complications, and because he knew I would need abdominal tissue removal due to the weight loss, he recommended that Dr. Roxanne Sylora perform that surgery at the same time. I very much appreciate Dr. Redan's straightforward guidance as I made these decisions. I felt confident knowing he was truly looking at the big picture and his team approach with my other physicians made it possible for me to have a much better recovery. I am feeling great.

- Jene